Project: Bohemian Necklace

Use simple techniques with cord and linking to create this statement bohemian necklace. By Debbie Kershaw


Debbie is a designer, writer and busy mum of three. She is also guest designer on some of the UK’s craft channels. Debbie wanted to create a really colourful necklace in oranges and pinks. She also wanted to use the bohemian cord as part of the design. The colours she has chosen are designed to work well together with the focal ‘lost girl’ lampwork bead.


  • Bohemian cord 
  • Kumihimo findings pack in copper 
  • Copper ball headpins 
  • Copper chain 
  • 0.4mm (26 gauge) copper wire
  • 0.8mm (20 gauge) copper wire 
  • Jewellery glue (E-6000)
  • ‘Lost girl’ lampwork bead 
  • Two lampwork pink petals 
  • 0.8mm dusky pink pearls 
  • 3 x orange glass flower beads 
  • Green and orange glass round beads
  • Pink crystal bicones


  • Make sure that the glue has dried completely before assembling your necklace. It is usually best to leave the cord to dry overnight. 
  • When wrapping your loops try not to wrap lampwork beads too tight. You don’t want to crush them. 
  • If you don’t have enough cord add chain to the back of the necklace to make the cord go further.



Start by cutting two equal lengths of the bohemian cord with sharp scissors. You will need to add the Kumihimo end caps to all four ends. Use a strong, clear-drying jewellery glue and add a drop to the centre of your end cap. Insert the cord snugly inside and attach a piece of masking tape over the cap to hold it in place until the glue dries.



The beaded length is made up of three rosary links, all threaded onto 0.8mm copper wire. Two are the same with two green beads and one lampwork petal. The middle one has an orange flower, orange glass round, pink glass round, a small space to add the lampwork focal bead, pink glass round, orange round and an orange flower. Wrap loop these links together securely.



Take a length of 0.8mm copper wire long enough to fit your ‘lost girl’ lampwork bead and round glass orange bead and enough left over to form two wrapped loops at each end. Make sure you attach the pendant in place at the centre of the rosary link before finishing the wrap.



Now you need to connect the bohemian cord to the linked section of your necklace. Take a workable length of 0.4mm copper wire and wrap the loop at one end to the Kumihimo end cap. Add a 0.8mm dusky pink pearl and wrap the loop at the other end, attaching it to the rosary link. Repeat this for the other side of the necklace.



Take a length of copper chain of your choice. Attach it to a jumpring so one end hangs lower than the other. Take an orange flower and add it to a ball headpin. Then wrap-loop the headpin to the end of the longest length of chain. Add a crystal bicone to the other chain end and a pearl to the jumpring. Attach the jumpring to the bottom of the ‘lost girl’ bead.



Find a toggle clasp of your choice from your Kumihimo findings pack. You can add each half to the end cap of your Bohemian cord with the oval jumprings provided. Make sure to close your jumprings securely with no gap. This is a little more fiddly with oval rings.


Make a bracelet and a ring



You could use a shorter length of cord to make a matching bracelet, with a charm carrier Kumihimo finding. You could add matching beads to complement the colours of the cord.



By adding some of the beads from the main project to a looped ring blank, you end up with a beautiful matching ring.


‘Lost girl’ lampwork bead: SoulSilver at

Kumihimo findings pack, glue, copper chain, ball headpins, bohemian cord:

Lampwork petals by Nicky Townsend: Fyre Faery at

Pearls, orange flowers, orange and green glass beads: Periwinkle beads, eBay shop



Laurel Guilfoyle, Debbie Kershaw

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  • Date 13th March 2017
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