4 easy steps: Making moulds


1.measure equal mounts


Measure one part each of silicone putty in equal amounts. It usually comes in two different colours, one per pot. You can roll it into a ball to judge the quantity or use a measuring scoop. Take care if you have long nails not to contaminate the pots accidentally by transferring it from one pot to another – wear gloves.





2.mix thoroughly


Using your hands thoroughly mix together the two colours of putty until it is one even colour. Spend no longer than 30 seconds mixing it (tempting though it is), because once it is mixed you have about 5 minutes working time before the putty starts to cure.




3. make an impression


Roll the mixed putty into a ball and then flatten it onto a non-stick surface. Make sure it is deep enough to easily accommodate the object to mould. If not, simply re-roll and flatten again. Press the object firmly into the putty, with no wiggling. Don’t push it too far in or the back wall of the mould will be too thin. Tuck the putty snugly against the side of the object. Allow it to cure for 20 minutes.





4.flex and release


After 20 minutes have elapsed test the mould with your fingernail. If it leaves an indentation wait a few more minutes. Remove the object by gently flexing the mould from behind so that it pops out. The mould is now ready to use.

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  • Date 22nd June 2016
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